Replacement Declaration for the Poem at the Statue of Liberty.

Sick and tired of the whining by liberals and the liberal media, that the Emma Lasarus poem at the Statue of Liberty is somehow a legal mandate, I have written a replacement declaration.  Please share this.  I would like to start a campaign to replace that poem with something more relevant to the 21st century.  If you like what I have written, please pass it on to your representative in Congress.  Maybe something will come of it.  Thank you.

“Never in the course of human endeavor, has one nation risen up to declare that every citizen is their own sovereign, where the powers of government, are subservient to the rights of the individual.

Liberty is the light to freedom in a…

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  1. Nancy says:

    Hi Greg. Although I really like your poetry, in this case I’d like to remain a traditionalist. Perhaps educating Americans about the relevance of the existing verses would give it the more accurate meaning. But I think your verse on the site of Miss Liberty would do a lot to teach visitors the relevance of the statue as a gift of France.

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