A Constitutional Amendment to Prohibit any Form of Withholding Tax. Can be a Statute First.

Summary:  All paychecks and direct deposits will be paid in full — no deductions. Checks could have guidelines for payment printed on the check or direct deposit receipt, if requested by the employee.  If not, the check or receipt will simply print the gross payment amount.   All employees would have to physically pay all their taxes by check or online.  They can choose their tax payment to be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, every paycheck, at the end of the year, or some other time period. No automatic payments or automatic deductions will be allowed as that would defeat the purpose of having every taxpayer consciously realize how much they are paying in taxes, every time they pay.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment, or proposed Statute:

Amendment XXVIII.  Section 1.  Congress shall make no law, nor allow any law to stand, which in any way allows for the withholding of employee wages, salary, payment, or compensation of any kind, for the purpose of tax collection.

The most insidious, insulting, and reprehensible tax policy ever conceived, is the idea that money can be taken from a paycheck before it ever gets to the employee.  And, that every employee has to file a tax return to get some of their confiscated income property back, after it has been used interest free, by all levels of government, for up to a year.

The Withholding Tax has been around since 1943 and was designed to collect huge sums of money, automatically, to fight World War Two.   Charlotte Twight, in her book: “Dependent on D.C.,” stated, “Withholding is the paramount administrative mechanism that since 1943 has enabled the federal government to collect, without significant protest, sufficient private resources to fund a vastly expanded welfare state.”  From a U.S. Treasury fact sheet comes the quote that withholding “greatly eased the collection of the tax, but also greatly reduced the taxpayer’s awareness of the amount being collected.”  Both of these quotes come from an article by Robert Hughes of The Independent Institute in December of 2007.

What all this means is that the American people have been duped into paying far more tax than they think they have, and have been conditioned to accept without dissent that giving the government control of their paychecks is perfectly okay.  Well, it’s not.  We have to break this stranglehold of confiscated wealth before the taxpayers ever see their money.

We have to reform how paychecks are drafted.  Currently the right side of most paychecks has all the withholdings, and in really big numbers is the net amount left over from the pre-confiscation of income by all levels of government, known as “take home pay.”  That concept should be abolished with this law change.  Somewhere on the paycheck is hidden in tiny numbers the gross payment, meaning the real payment, the full payment without withholding, that was due the employee.  I propose that the biggest or only payment number on the paycheck be that gross amount.  That way people will know clearly what they are being paid.  The withholding section could then go from deductions, to a “suggested guideline” for what could be paid from that paycheck to maintain current tax status, or it could be eliminated from the paycheck completely.  The employee would always have to physically write checks or pay online to cover the guideline amounts, no automatic deduction or payment would be allowed.  They could pay per week, per paycheck, per quarter, or per whatever time interval the law allows.  Automatic paycheck deductions would be the same as withholdings and would defeat the purpose of this amendment or law.

This would be a revolutionary change.  By imposing this paycheck freedom on the american people, and having them physically write federal, state, and possibly local tax checks or physically make online payments, from potentially every paycheck, based on the new “guidelines,” or a formula of their own choosing, this would remove two of the conditioning effects of the Withholding Tax; that being to collect vast sums of money without significant protest, and to hide the vast amount being collected from the taxpaying public.  For the first time since 1943, Americans would have to physically pay from their accounts on an ongoing basis to cover their taxes.  They would realize what they were actually making, and how much was going out in taxes.  And that simple change will change America.

For further discussion of this issue, and more major changes to the tax code, please read this:  http://www.intellectualconservative.com/real-tax-reform/

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