The American Education Taxpayer Relief Act.

Overturn Plyler v Doe with legislation from Congress. This is the incredibly bad decision that mandated local school districts educate illegal alien children. This piece of legislation from the Supreme Court is unconstitutional, because all decisions of the Supreme Court that make law, regulation or policy are unconstitutional. Overturning this in law will free up school districts to educate Americans and lawful immigrants. Call it the “American Education Taxpayer Relief Act.” This is just one more step to making it impossible for illegal aliens to stay here. All children have to be in school, but it also has to be illegal for illegal alien children to go to public or private school. All schools will require proof of citizenship or lawful resident status in order to register for school. Attempting to register an illegal alien child is grounds for immediate deportation for the whole family, because, we can’t break up families, now can we.

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  1. BILL FETKE says:

    We would not be “breaking up families” because the kids should go back with their parents.I firmly agree that proof of citizenship should be required to enroll a child in school.

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