The Father’s Equal Rights and Responsibilities Act.

Make single fathers have equal standing and receive equal benefits, with single mothers in all welfare, child support, housing, and all other benefits, in order to stop the discrimination and government separation of single fathers from their children. All EBT cards, bank deposits, housing and all other benefits will go to joint accounts only, requiring joint simultaneous signatures to be accessed, joint participation with two individual PIN’s for any EBT or other card or benefit expenditure to be made, and both parents must be present together to exercise any of these to insure all decisions are made jointly. No preference shall be given mothers in custody, support, or in any other matter. Fathers will have equal standing in family law court, and will be guaranteed equal ability to jointly decide schooling and all other matters pertaining to the child/children, as all such matters will require both parents signatures. Services for single fathers shall be equal in scope, quality and funding to services available to single mothers. For subsidized or public housing, the child/children will remain in permanent housing, and single fathers and mothers will rotate in and out. No increase in benefits after two children. The purpose of this act is to redress the grievous error caused by the “Great Society” separation and replacement of fathers and husbands, with the government, and the government through family court and segregated services, being the actual partner to wives and mothers, all working against men, husbands and fathers.


  1. Jean Paulsen says:

    If you want equal family rights, women want equal pay. Few women are purposely mean to men; they are just upset that men are the “gatekeepers” to an affordable living to support a family. This is why children are legally held hostage. To make your case stronger, present your bill as a duel bill: “Equal Pay and Equal Family Rights.”

    I know…both my parents were working who struggled to make ends meet parents.

    1. Greg Penglis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Family courts and divorces greatly favor women at the expense of children and fathers, including the separation of children and fathers. That is what my bill addresses. Women get equal pay on every job, that’s the law. However in total men hold higher paying jobs than women, and that’s what accounts for this difference, it’s not that every man earns more than every woman. But as in your comment on my other bill. You are making a speech rather than dealing with the legislation. I’m not going to water down my bill by making it a mens and womans bill because women have too many choices and advantages as it is. That’s why I wrote it for men. Your trying to make my bill irrelevant and meaningless shows why it is needed more than ever.

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