The Gun Purchase Background Check Using the Banned List Only Act.

Currently every person who wants to purchase a gun has to go through a background check. The potential is there despite what the government says, to register everyone into some government data base. To remove that possibility and not search citizens without any probable cause, instant checks will be reversed. Instead of checking every customer, each gun retailer and seller will have the list of prohibited persons, with photographs, in their computer system in a secure government computer program that only they and their staff can use. When a customer wants to make a purchase, their photo I.D. is compared to the prohibited list. If they are not on the prohibited list, then the purchase goes through. It is up to government to maintain the most current prohibited list. But this way no government record of the gun purchase is made during the computerized background check, only a check of the purchaser against the prohibited list in the computer. Whether all record of the purchase should also be scrubbed, or just kept at the retailer, is another consideration. For example, if a gun is recovered that was used in a crime, then each retailer in the area, or state, or nationally, could check that serial number against their own records as to who bought that gun. But only that record would be revealed, all the other purchases would still remain the confidential information of the gun retailer.

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  1. samuel presley says:

    listen to you in the mornings.i thought i would not like you because you were from san fransisco or canada or something.turns out you seem conservative and fit in perfect for the area.thank you and continue the good work you do.(you really are good for the morning drive and i look forward to listening)

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