The Illegal Alien Civil Asset Forfeiture Act.

Illegal Alien Civil Asset Forfeiture Act.


Civil asset forfeiture is a law enforcement tool whereby anything gained as a result of a crime can be seized by law enforcement. Where I disagree is when citizens only suspected of a crime have property seized and have to prove their innocence to get it back. This procedure should only be used upon conviction. However with illegal aliens, all that need be established is that they entered the country illegally, and were caught in the country illegally.  Every day in the country illegally is a repeat offense. Establishing the approximate date and the number of illegal entrances would help in documenting the crime statistics.


All wages, all compensation, property, real estate, all possessions, any other income source including illegal, financial assets or gain of any kind, are all subject to immediate seizure upon discovery they are here illegally. No further crime need be proved nor legal procedure be undertaken, as just being in the country illegally is the standard for illegal alien asset forfeiture. Repeated entries into the country don’t matter since once in the country illegally the first time, the offense is committed, and any time spent outside the country is irrelevant. Once everything acquired in the US has been seized, they are subject to immediate deportation.

Assets to include all government benefits paid, and any money earned in the US and sent out of the country. In that case the illegal aliens may be deported in debt to the US and State Treasuries for both of those liabilities, and would have to pay all such money back before entering the US again for any reason, even as a tourist. To begin the forfeitures, start with anyone who has an ITIN number, but no proof of citizenship, Social Security Number or legal residence status.

States should be rewarded and compensated with half of all assets seized, to be distributed back to counties, cities, and local governments for the purpose of identifying illegal aliens in their jurisdiction and passing such information along to Homeland Security, including ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and the Boarder Patrol.

No state, county, city, or local government shall be eligible for any seized assets if any government entity within a state has any form of sanctuary city law or policy, or any law or policy which seeks to harbor fugitive illegal aliens in any way from federal enforcement, asset seizure, and deportation.

Should this law be implemented by a State, due to the Federal Government abdicating their constitutional responsibility to protect the borders, States can use the 14th Amendment clause that citizens of the United States, are citizens of the State in which they reside.  This puts “citizens” under constitutional protection in the State wherein they reside, but it extends no rights, privileges or immunities to illegal aliens, who, also in the 14th Amendment, are subject to the jurisdiction of “their” country of citizenship, just as American’s are subject to the jurisdiction of our Constitution.  Therefore civil asset forfeiture against all of the above under Penalties, may be taken by States, upon finding illegal aliens within their borders.

State and local law enforcement agencies and state government departments shall have access to all federal records of any illegal alien who has failed to appear for their immigration hearing.  Simply being in a State after the date of any federal immigration procedure, of any kind, shall be all the legal requirement necessary to seize all assets of the illegal alien found in their State.


  1. Margie says:

    When the deterrent or cost is more severe than the incentives to enter this country illegally, there will be less numbers of aliens entering illegally. This bill seems to be directed towards harsh & severe consequences for entering & living illegally.

    It is an insult to every legal alien & citizen when the country condones illegal behavior in immigration.

  2. El says:

    Stop the insanity. Get these people out of our Country. They are cutting in on our hard working. IRS is for people paying in from their paychecks.
    So the IRS is stealing money from our paychecks.

  3. BILL FETKE says:

    Illegals can only receive income one of two ways, but both are the same way. 1) working for cash as a day laborer, 2) working in a crew where there is one legal person who gets paid by a company, and that legal person pays the illegals. The IRS and the state needs to go after the ones who pick up the day workers and the the legal worker for violating labor laws and not reporting to the IRS. Plus, that legal person is technically a business owner since he is contracted by the company to do a job. That legal worker needs to file proper paperwork and pay social security and Medicare taxes being self employed

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