Foreign Aid Reform

No More Foreign Aid

BILL: “No U.S. taxpayer money may be spent by the United States in any other country, or granted to any other country without passage of specific and temporary foreign disaster relief legislation.”


We routinely funnel money to other countries for the purpose of developing our “good guy” status on the global front. Most of them who receive it seem to hate us for it. We forcibly take money from our own citizens for spending on the citizens of foreign nations. Our constitution grants no right of congress to take money from our own citizens to bestow objects of benevolence upon other citizens of foreign nations. (It doesn’t even allow it nationally, – but our own welfare state is another argument)
We are not heartless. In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, tsunami, or any other temporarily calamitous event, we can call upon congress to help out our international friends. This is to be temporary legislation only for money or aid in a way that is defined as temporary and it is to end immediately. We will not offer continuous payments of international welfare.
The billions of dollars we pay out every year for the purposes of helping our “friends” who never seem to be there when we have our own disasters could be better spent, or better yet, not taxed and left with the taxpaying citizens of the United States and their families. We can’t continue to be worldwide sugar daddy. Sugar daddy’s are almost always cheated upon by their dependent gold-diggers.

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