The Proof of Citizenship Act.


Proof of citizenship or registered immigrant status, demonstrated by passport, birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or green card, with photo I.D. confirmation for the birth certificate, shall be required for each of the following below, no exceptions, for a period of two years following passage of the Act. No other form of I.D. is valid for establishing citizenship or legal immigrant status. This is the list from my article “How to Deport Millions of Illegal Aliens Without Hiring a Single Stormtrooper,” on Canada Free Press.

Below are the places and situations where proof of citizenship or registered immigrant (Green Card) status shall be proven.

To get or renew a driver’s license.  In order to get federal highway funds, states will post boldly on drivers licenses the citizenship/immigration status of the license holder.
To vote in any form, and to register to vote.
To register a car with the DMV.
To rent a car.
To open and maintain a bank account.
To get and keep a credit card.
To get a commercial or private bank loan or mortgage.
To open an investment account.
To enroll a child or adult in any elementary school, high school, college, graduate program, vocational school, or any academic or trade school.
To own or rent property.
During all routine traffic stops by law enforcement.
During any law enforcement proceeding.
To serve in the military.
To work in any capacity for any government or private sector job.
To get a business license to open a business.
To be certified to operate a truck, bus, boat, or airplane.
To purchase a firearm, but such check shall not register the firearm or owner.
To receive a tax refund.
To start a new phone contract.
To send money in any form, e.g. wire transfers, outside the country.
To receive money in any form, from any foreign country.
To receive any form of public assistance, including but not limited to: food stamps, section 8 housing, welfare, WIC, any cash awards, government job training, or any other grant or subsidy.
To receive any public health assistance aka Obamacare.
To purchase health and car insurance.
To serve on a jury.
To receive any publicly funded health care except emergency care.
To receive Social Security, Medicare, or any other service, entitlement, or retirement plan.

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