Immigration and Amnesty Act


(I call this the “Immigration And Amnesty Act” because I know liberals won’t consider it unless the word “Amnesty” is in it and may assume that it grants blanket amnesty to all illegal aliens – which IT DOES NOT).


The purpose of this law is to allow honorable and productive foreigners from any country to assimilate into our country while at the same time securing our border from illegal entry and protecting our financial resources.


We will begin construction of a southern border wall by year end 2018 and fund annual monitoring to exclude all foreigners from entering our country illegally from the south. Materials, height, length and method to be determined.


“Permanent Guest” Status – Anyone in the United States illegally and currently seeking permanent residence, must first properly apply for Permanent Guest status. This is a relatively short vetting process in which the applicant will be investigated for crimes committed and criminal associations. If approved for PG status, they will be granted full amnesty for the original crime of illegally crossing the border. If no individual history can be found, PG status must not be granted.


Those seeking Permanent Guest status must wait until all currently active immigration requests are finalized. They are not to “jump to the front of the line”. However, they will be granted “Temporary Guest” status in the interim which will allow them to legally live and work in this country. This status does require electronic monitoring until the process has completed.


Each applicant must pay a fee for status approval equal to the amount of the total cost of the vetting process, or $500 whichever is more. This is necessary to ensure that this program will not drain our financial resources. Payment of the fee may be financed if requested, but for not longer than three years. Financing costs will include fair interest and administrative costs.


During the vetting process, every applicant will be given “Temporary Guest” status and may move freely about the country, if he agrees to wear an electronic monitor. This is to ensure that in the event they fail to be accepted, they can be easily located and safely returned to their country of origin. Electronic monitoring will be removed when Permanent Guest status is approved. If applicant does not agree to monitoring, he will be deported for non-compliance.


If one passes the vetting process, he will awarded the legal status of “Permanent Guest”. This status grants the recipient the right to live and work in the United States as an honored permanent guest. It specifically excludes the right to vote or to receive any direct, personal government benefits such as welfare, fuel assistance, rent assistance, medical care, or any other government benefit for which he did not pay, designed to provide for a specific individual’s personal expenses in any way.

Permanent Guests will be issued identification cards and identifying numbers indicating their status, and must be carried on their persons at all times and to apply for legal employment.

Employers may hire Permanent (or Temporary) Guests for any any job they offer in this country. Employers who hire illegal aliens will be subjected to a fine of a minimum of $10,000 per offense. PG’s and TG’s may be hired for employment as any other legal citizen. They will use their identifying numbers when applying for employment and filing tax returns.

States may allow permanent guests to obtain drivers licenses, and if so, these licenses will be valid in all 50 states.


If an illegal immigrant elects not apply for Permanent Guest status, it will be assumed that he intends to remain in the United States illegally. When discovered, he will first be offered the opportunity to apply for PG status, if he refuses, he will be deported to his country of origin for violation of our immigration policy.


All Permanent Guests must be individually approved. Family members will not be approved through blood or spousal relations. Minor children of those approved, whether born or yet to be born, will be allowed to stay but will not be eligible for individual government benefits of any kind. Upon reaching the age of 18, all formerly accepted minor children, and newly born children must apply for Permanent Guest status in the same manner.


Children born of second generation Permanent Guests who have legally become United States citizens will be considered natural born citizens of the United States with all the rights and privileges bestowed upon any other citizen.


If convicted of any felony, Permanent Guests will be imprisoned as our law determines, and deported to their country of origin when the prison term expires, or immediately deported upon conviction depending on circumstances. Permanent Guest Status will be revoked. Returning to this country after deportation for a felony will result in a mandatory prison term of at minimum 5 years for first offense, 10 years for subsequent offenses.

Misdemeanor violations will allow Permanent Guests to be treated as U. S. citizens.


After 25 years as a Permanent Guest, applicants may petition for full citizenship with all the rights and privileges of natural born citizens, including voting rights. This will be automatically granted upon payment of a fee to be determined at that time to cover all administrative costs. (If an applicant had committed a felony crime, he would have already been deported, so this should be a simple, fast process.)

Permanent Guests will not be required to apply for full citizenship if they choose not to do so. They may remain Permanent Guests in perpetuity.


Permanent Guest Status should please both liberals and conservatives. It will free honest, law-abiding immigrants from poverty-stricken nations to be able to come to our country to take advantage of the safety, freedom and opportunities we offer, and to assimilate with us. At the same time it ensures that they do not flood our voter roles for the purpose of fundamentally transforming our national politics into those they left behind, or drain our citizenry and treasury with demands for personal welfare benefits.

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  1. Emily Gingle says:

    “Take advantage of” may be the operative words in this proposal.The United States is past the point of needing people simply to create numbers. Additionally, it is past time for other countries to care for their people. Western, civilized democracy was a role model for responsible freedom and humanness at a fairly high level. Negative, unbridled infiltration by predators has resulted in too much distraction. Immigration actually should be very limited or stopped until assimilation occurs and the democracy can be restored.

    How can U. S. be a shelter from barbarianism if we let barbarians take us back in time by oppressing democracy right here on this land?

    The United States probably has the most and best liberal immigration policies on our earth, especially with regard to ability to own property, seek asylum, and receive (sometimes) much more support than natural born citizens.

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