“Every Child Belongs!”

* EVERY CHILD BELONGS – This is a mandatory program whereby every child, regardless of school choice, will belong to some group, any group, any number of groups, or different groups over time, from ten years old through high school graduation.

* This is designed to be a county law, or a state law. It is also designed to be open to grants and studies from the Federal Department of Education.

* Schools, including home schools, will ensure compliance with this goal. The choice is completely open, but whatever the choice, it shall be recorded and verified with the public or private school, or for home schools, with any private or public school department. The name of the group/s shall be on the report card.

* Anything qualifies as a group, so long as it’s not a solo activity. Any: after school class, club, organization, sports team, musical, dance or theater organization, art class or club, any club, meeting, service organization, organized church, scouting, pre-service or law enforcement cadet, or anything that involves some group of three or more.

* The goal is that no child or young adult is isolated and alone. They have friends and members of their group to whom they belong. Young people are much more likely to talk to friends about problems, than they are parents, teachers or counselors, so part of the supervision and implementation of the program will be monitoring and intervening when necessary to find out why any child is isolating themselves. Then friends, family, school, and law enforcement, can alert trained personnel, getting the appropriate help to redirect or intervene with the isolating child.

* Any child refusing to take part in any group activity should be carefully observed for behavioral problems which could lead to violence. Battered kids, abused kids, kids with no self-esteem, psychologically and emotionally abused kids, will show up really quickly. THAT’S when the professionals step in.

* For every kid, usually a boy, put on any psychotropic med such as ritalin, prozac or the like, an attempt shall be made to lessen or eliminate the drug through the motivation of group participation. The group must be something the child looks forward to, and must approve of the group they decide to join.

* It shall be mandatory to take part in some kind of group activity, but the nature or type of activity is completely the choice of parents, and the child or young adult.


  1. Jean Paulsen says:

    I mostly agree, however, some students ARE bullied in groups and want to be alone. The bullies also include group leaders (usually found as sport coaches and school administrators). What safeguards are established to prevent internal bulling.

    1. Greg Penglis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      My bill concerns children and adolescents in organized activities with adult supervision. Bullying, while a factor in school, on line, in families, and in many places, isn’t a factor in a properly supervised group. If the adults are doing the bullying, there are remedies for that, both legal and by the parents of the kids in the group. However, if you want to propose a section to add to the bill on bullying, I will certainly consider adding it to the bill.

  2. Cecilia Sparks says:

    Couldn’t agree more with your ideas on this peace. Where there are often blurred lines, actually “collecting” objective information on the meds and the participation in a group can’t be, again, blurred. The more people who get to know kids, especially the club or activity leader, the better.

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