The American Self-Preservation Immigration Act of 2018.


1. “Catch and Release” is revoked. No alien will be released except to another country unless they are a permanent resident.

2. Asylum is suspended, until such time as a new definition can be created to describe and encompass only those specific individuals who have been singled out for persecution by their government, for specific documented actions of dissent, disobedience to unlawful law, civil disobedience for documented political or religious purposes, documented persecution by their government, or other distinguishing qualities, which have caused those individuals to be in specific danger of incarceration, torture, re-education, concentration camp, gulag, or other government tyrannical persecution.

3. No immigration judge shall be allowed to hear any further cases until every person who has failed to appear before that judge has been found, and returned for their proper hearing, and a court decision has been made as to their status.

4. No detainee shall be admitted into the United States until such time as space at a detention center is available. Until that time they must remain outside the United States.

5. “People Without Borders” or any other group seeking to organize, facilitate, aid and abet across any U.S. Border, instruct on U.S. law for the purpose of gaining asylum, refugee, or any other status, in order to subvert the intent of the U.S. Border, the U.S. Border Patrol, U.S. Border Checkpoints, or any part of the Border Control System, ICE, Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, or any other border agency, including state and local law enforcement, shall be deemed to be smugglers, harboring fugitives, aiding and abetting felons, contributing to the delinquency of minors to get them illegally into the country, human traffickers, and any other crime deemed prosecutable by the U.S. Department of Justice, they shall be liable for the full impact of the law.

6. The “Airport Rule” shall apply to all U.S. land borders. Just because an airplane lands from an international destination on U.S. soil, does not mean the passengers have been admitted into the United States. No one is admitted from an airport until they and their baggage have been inspected, and once passed inspection are allowed to enter the United States. In the same way, crossing onto U.S. soil is meaningless until such time as each person who has crossed a border on U.S. soil has been returned to a U.S. Border Checkpoint and has been inspected, and cleared to enter the United States. If they can not legally enter, they are turned away, arrested, prosecuted, or given the normal procedure given their status.

7. Any group larger than a single nuclear family unit traveling alone, shall be deemed to be an invasion, and shall be denied access to a U.S. Border Checkpoint on that basis alone.

8. Chain Migration is abolished. No family relations residing in the United States, legally, illegally, as in DACA or other made up category, shall be grounds to remain in the United States and join those people. All future immigration shall be by merit established by Congress.

This Act could also be called: The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2018.

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