Ending Discrimination for Political Philosophy, Party Membership or Ideology Act.

Whose interest does a national media and academe, virtually uniform in its purposeful agenda and political ideology, and openly willing to enforce it, serve? It’s painfully obvious whose interest is not served, and that’s the American people’s, who cannot make informed decisions if media, entertainment and education work to influence rather than teach, entertain or inform.

To change this institutionalized bias, and provide equal access to employment, lending and public accommodation (with exceptions), “an American’s political philosophy, party membership or ideology, or lack thereof, shall not be taken into account, nor shall it in any way be a criteria, in employment, housing, or public accommodation, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, the Fair Housing Opportunity Act and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, shall hereby be further amended to authorize the enforcement, by their respective commissioned Agencies and Offices, of the provisions of this Bill.”

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