The Children First Act.

I think that anyone who is convicted of any sex crimes with children or child pornography be sentenced to life in prison.  They should not get anything less of a sentence.Once they preyed on a minor knowing it is wrong as an adult they shouldn’t be given the opportunity to do it again or a 2nd chance at their own freedom.  They have ruined an innocent persons life and caused lifelong trauma and it should cost them the rest of their life as a free person in society.  It would keep our streets a little safer and also show the victims that there is justice.  All persons already convicted should not be able to register as a sex offender and be free at all.  They will have the rest of their lives to sit and think in jail.  No questions asked.  If a law like this passed maybe it would prevent people who have such thoughts and have not acted on them to think twice before committing such crimes knowing it wouldn’t be tolerated.  Or maybe we even sentence them to death also.   I would rather just kill them but I’m not sure such a law could be passed.

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