The Education Taxation Representation Act.

Every taxpayer within a school district, regardless of whether they have school age children or not, shall be given an electronic voucher which represents the total amount of local, state and federal taxes collected that would be spent in that school district from their income, property, sales, and any other form of taxation. This electronic voucher will have the dollar amount of all taxes collected for education. The main purpose of this voucher is so parents have total choice as to how their education tax dollars are spent regarding their school age children, including tuition at any government school, which would have to come totally from education vouchers and not other government accounts, also any charter school, any private school, and to fund any home school programs for themselves or other home school teachers they designate or home schools they form.  Every taxpayer, regardless of how many school children including no school age children, shall allocate as they see fit the total amount of their electronic education tax voucher to any education entity they wish.

This voucher shall be available on any electronic service they use to pay taxes. If they file with a tax preparer it shall be available to the preparer, but tax preparers are not allowed to discuss, advise, coerce, or in any way influence the allocation of education tax dollars in the voucher. If they file by paper, a paper voucher can be included with the tax return.

Each taxpayer can give as much as they want, or as little as they want, to any number of schools they want, of every kind of school or class, within their school district, but they must allocate the total voucher or any money not designated will return to the local government general fund. Government schools, private schools, a home school pool fund; all are acceptable. To encourage a diverse education, money for any instruction of a recognized common activity for independent schools, such as dance, fitness, acting, art, martial arts, tutoring, sports, music, or other schools or classes for example, basically any class leading to a recognized accomplishment, award, certificate, belt, or other symbol, shall also be valid disbursement of the education voucher money.

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