The Illegal Alien “Failure to Appear” for Immigration Court, Recovery and Deportation Act.


This bill is for the purpose of punishing the millions potentially of illegal aliens who have skipped out on their Immigration Court hearings, and are still living in our country illegally. The problem is that when Americans and permanent residents “fail to appear” for court, there are serious consequences. From the website “Legal Match,” comes the following information:


What Does “ Failure to Appear in Court” Mean?
Certain circumstances in your life may require you to appear in a courtroom. For example, you may have to appear in court if you:

Get a traffic ticket;
Commit a crime;
Testify as a witness in a court case; or
Are sued by another person in a lawsuit; or
Are called for jury duty.

Usually, the situation calls for you to appear in court at a scheduled date and time. For example, if you are given a traffic ticket, usually that ticket includes a “court date,” which tells you when you are expected to come to court. If you miss your appointed court date, then the court charges you with Failure to Appear In Court. This is considered a criminal offense that can result in criminal charges.

What are the Consequences for a Failure to Appear in Court?

If you fail to show up for your appointed court date, then the court charges you with Failure to Appear. Depending on the state you live in, this criminal offense can be either a misdemeanor offense or a felony offense.

In addition to the failure to appear charge, you may also face additional consequences, such as:

A bench warrant for your arrest;
Jail time;
Fines; or
Suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.
Bench warrants are generally used to arrest a person for violating court rules and being in contempt of court. This type of warrant allows the police to arrest you and bring you before the court to answer contempt charges; either way, you don’t want one issued in your name.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your appointed court date (for instance, if you are involved in a lawsuit against another party), the judge may dismiss your case or automatically rule in favor of the other party if you fail to appear for court when you’re supposed to.


National Registry of Illegal Aliens:

Currently illegal aliens suffer none of the consequences of failing to appear that Americans and permanent residents do.  This has to be changed.  Since illegal aliens have no constitutional rights because they are not “subject to the jurisdiction” of the United States per the 14th Amendment, it is only right and proper that these serial criminals suffer the consequences of their multiple crimes, just like any American would.

In order to discover, locate, and provide the information to I.C.E. and other law enforcement agencies to recover and deport illegal aliens who have “failed to appear” for their immigration hearings, and are currently living in the country, Congress authorizes and funds the creation of a national database registry of every illegal alien who has failed to appear.  A warrant will then be issued for their arrest.  This could run into huge numbers of arrest warrants but must be done to insure everyone, especially illegal aliens, complies with our immigration laws.  Once an illegal alien who failed to appear is located, recovery and deportation shall be handled by the appropriate government law enforcement authorities.  There shall be no appeal for failing to appear to any immigration court since the intention of failing to appear, in many cases for years, shows there was never any intention to appear, and such blatant disregard for our laws can not be tolerated.  All Immigration Courts, judges, and any other department or agency aware of illegal aliens who have failed to appear shall contribute the names of everyone who failed to appear to the National Registry.  


Enforcement of the National Registry of Illegal Aliens who Failed to Appear:

This National Registry is to be used and checked against any I.D. available, in every interaction with any government agency, office or department, including but not limited to: the IRS including checking every tax return, every person who uses an ITIN number, every interaction with law enforcement or justice system at any level, any interaction with a Department of Motor Vehicles, any agency providing any government benefit or service, any border crossing of any type, any request for a birth certificate where the parents are checked, any firearms purchase background check, any application to the military, and any other place Congress authorizes.   This should be a routine check of all interactions, for Americans, permanent residents and Visa holders as well, to insure everyone receives the same check against the National Registry.

All such checks that return positive for failing to appear shall commence the procedures for recovery and deportation.  


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