The Illegal Alien “Reservation” Containment System.


One of the most pressing questions in the border crisis is what to do with the potentially one million illegal aliens who will flood into the United States just this year. This organized push to destroy the Southern Border, which has been forced on the Trump Administration by organized groups who want open borders, combined with a Congress who refuses to deal with the problem, or even recognize it for many in Congress, a solution has to be found to stop the current practice of “catch and release” forced on the Federal Government by the Judiciary who have unconstitutionally made policy and law from the bench, something they have no authority to do, but is recognized as having the force of law nonetheless. The solution to this problem can actually be found in a previous barbaric policy of the federal government from the 1800s that was directed towards Native Americans who did nothing wrong. That being the establishment and maintenance of a system of “reservations” where Native Americans have been forced to live ever since. This law establishes the ability of the federal government to create such a system again, but this time for illegal aliens who have no constitutional rights, and no right to be here. If the government tolerates such a reservation system for entire peoples who did nothing wrong except to exist, surely the same federal government can set up a reservation system for illegal aliens who did everything wrong. It is the sincere hope also that the reservation system for Native Americans be abolished, during the creation of the reservation system to separate illegal aliens from the rest of the United States, until such time as they have been adjudicated legal to stay, or deported back to their home country.

Background on reservations for Native Americans from the Khan Academy website:

The Indian Removal Act of 1830 institutionalized the practice of forcing Native American Indians off of their ancestral lands in order to make way for European settlement. The Five Civilized Tribes (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole) were forcibly relocated to territories that would become the states of Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, in a mass migration that became known as the Trail of Tears.

The Indian Appropriations Act of 1851, also known as the Appropriation Bill for Indian Affairs, authorized the establishment of Indian reservations in Oklahoma and inspired the creation of reservations in other states as well. The US federal government envisioned the reservations as a useful means of keeping Native American tribes off of the lands that white Americans wished to settle.

The Purpose of this Act:

The purpose of this Act is to create a system large enough to handle any caravan, any invasion, any number of illegal aliens, any illegal aliens awaiting any procedure of the federal government, and contain them in such a way as they remain separate from the people of the United States.  There can be no reward or benefit from entering the United States illegally.
As horrible as the reservation system is for Native Americans, it is the perfect solution for illegal aliens who refuse to comply with border crossing laws and procedures, asylum laws, legal immigration laws and procedures, applying for asylum in their home country, or stopping in the next country as the first country of refuge.  It is the intent of this reservation system to be so miserable that no illegal alien wants to be a part of it or live in it for any length of time, and will remain outside the United States until such time as they are granted the ability to enter and stay legally.
As much as possible, and to limit the impact on American taxpayers, illegal alien reservations shall be supported by the labor of the illegal aliens themselves, and any tariff or other money that can be extracted from the countries of origin of the illegal aliens.  All food, building construction, facilities, roads, and any other infrastructure shall be as much as possible grown and made by the illegal aliens while living in a containment reservation.  No effort will be made to stop outside groups from aiding the reservation residents except to help them escape or leave of course.

***  Any government and people that tolerate a reservation system for entire peoples who did nothing wrong except to exist before the people who put them on reservations arrived, should have no objection to putting illegal aliens on reservations who have no right to be here at all.


  1. Greg Penglis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    My idea is that the alien reservation systems become somewhat self sufficient: growing food, working to build the place, and any other commerce that could be developed. Remember, the idea is to make it miserable if you come here illegally. But our biggest problem is the Federal Judiciary, and “judicial Review” the tyrannical power usurped by the Courts to do whatever they want, order anything they want, and make up in the Constitution where such power exists, even though it doesn’t. THEY are the ones ordering Trump to let people into the country, then ordering how long they can stay in detention, ordering “families” of children and their traffickers to stay together, and denying legal funding for “the Wall.” All to replace Americans with a nation of illegal aliens. Such criminals will always owe their allegiance to the criminals in our government who let them in. Check our other bills to find the elimination of Judicial Review, Catch and Release, and a bunch more pro-American citizen legislation.

  2. Sue says:

    The taxpayers still have to pay to feed, clothe, and house these law breakers if they are put onto a reservation. The government should be able to just kick them back over the border and let them apply for asylum from their home countries or from Mexico. We don’t want them! They break our laws just by making a false declaration when they cross the border. No more catch and release, unless the release is back into Mexico!

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