An Act – To Increase the Exercise and Enjoyment of the Second Amendment.

### Restoration of Civil Protections Act ###

Authors: Anthony Nuñez, Greg Penglis, and Pianki


The Civil Rights Act under Title 18, Section 241 clearly states that a conspiracy to deny the “exercise or enjoyment” of any constitutional right is punishable by fines and imprisonment, yet anti-gun rights laws and enforcement of those laws goes on all the time.  In reversing these laws with the protections of the Civil Rights laws, an additional body of law can be created to enhance, rather than restrict, the exercise and enjoyment of Second Amendment Rights.  That is the purpose of this Act.

The right to keep and bear arms is a right which codifies the People’s natural right to preservation of self and others. What the People preserve in their keeping and bearing of arms is their lives, liberty, and property; all things rightfully their own.

A well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of  a free State. To be “well-regulated” means to have full access to arms, as well as to be sufficiently trained in them. It is not for the government to “regulate” any element of this natural right. It is in pursuance of preserving this right, to provide in law the incentives to advance the right, and for the responsible exercising of this right.

Those who exercise their natural rights responsibly, respecting the Property of their neighbors, should be systematically rewarded for their virtuous actions. To see one’s neighbor rewarded for virtuous practice shall incentivize wholey one’s own virtuous pursuit.

Provisions of the Act:

The responsible exercise and self-regulation of the right to keep and bear arms shall be done through: (1) tax credits and deductions for actions related to firearms, (2) legal protections for good samaritans in lawful protection of others, (3) education of the posterity in safe handling, ownership, and usage of firearms, (4) strengthening of relationships between the body of the People and agents of the state (i.e. law enforcement)

# Section 1. Tax Credits and Deductions for Actions Related to Firearms

All of the following activities relate to the safe, responsible ownership of firearms as well as the furtherance of such a cause. These items will be made tax deductible and tax credits will be made available to those specified in section 1, subsection A.
• Lawful purchase of a firearm from a venerable dealer
• Ammunitions
• Permitting/Licensing
• Classes
• Range fees/certifications
o Mileage to/from range, etc.
• Membership in 2A organizations non-profit in nature
• Competitions involving firearms (i.e. IDPA, Glock Professionals, etc.)
• Ammo reloading
• Hunting costs
• Eye/ear and other personal protective equipment (PPE) involved in the usage of a firearm
• Instructor related expenses
• Police reimbursements for training civilians
• USA-Made Firearms, Ammunitions, and Gear
• Carry Insurance
• Gun maintenance and repair

# Section 2. Legal Protections for Good Samaritans in Lawful Protection of Others

A good Samaritan, when deploying and/or utilizing their arms in lawful protection of others, shall be immune from litigation in civil court by the perpetrator of the crime against another and/or related individuals.
A good Samaritan, if deploying and/or utilizing their arms in justified protection of others, shall be provided a public defender if they cannot afford to provide one themselves. This public defender shall be funded through a public defend fun as will be highlighted in [INSERT RELEVANT SECTION HERE]

# Section 3. Firearms Education for Non-Adults

Firearms education is a critical component in the safe handling, ownership, and bearing of arms. To expose as many persons as possible to well-administered firearms education, there shall be a firearms education requirement for all students enrolled in institutions of learning which accept federal funds. This requirement can be satisfied by attendance at a firearms course which will be held at the institution of attendance or providing a certificate of completion of a private course run by a NRA/GOA/USCCA certified instructor.

# Section 4. State Funds for Firearms Related Activities

Criminal asset seizures which result in the auctioning of property will have all proceeds deposited into a special fund of the State. The funds within this account shall be utilized to fund programs which: (1) arm and train low-income families, (2) provide for the public defense of good Samaritans, and (3) reimburse police departments which actively train civilians for the common defense.


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