Child support arrears 5 years statute of limitations to collect this outstanding debt

New York already passed this legislation.
Child support is a civil debt like any other debt. Need to pass a law that restricts the ability to collect and removes all to child support after 5 years after the emancipation of the child. After the 5 years the arrears owes are removed. Child support enforcement can’t enforce after the same time.

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  1. Greg Penglis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    James, can you post a comment to add lots more detail to your bill. I don’t quite understand it as posted. So let’s work with it. If New York already has such a bill, perhaps we should post that bill? I’m working on getting a model legislative section so we can help advocate good bills already in existence. The purpose of this site is to create bills not yet in existence, nor even thought of. If you want to call the show and talk about it, please feel free. Just pick an open hour, call in to Action Radio at 215 383-3832, and let’s get our bill writing callers to help you make a better bill. Thank you for this contribution!

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