Resolution: Congress shall direct that resources be used to kill and wipe out the lethal forms of Coronavirus.

Resolved: That Congress shall direct the President, the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute for Health, designated university medical research centers and military research institutes and labs, to develop and implement virus technology that primarily focuses on killing and wiping out the Coronavirus, that this shall be equal or greater to any resources directed or appropriated for any aspect of the creation of a Coronavirus vaccine.

This approach shall include but not be limited to:

* Developing and implementing viruses that kill the Coronavirus COVID-19.

* Developing and implementing viruses that prevent the Coronavirus from reproducing.

* Developing and implementing viruses that effectively direct anti-viral drugs directly to the Coronavirus in the human body.

* Developing new and effective ways to kill the Coronavirus not yet thought of.

* Using all available resources of military biological warfare technology and facilities.

* Using all university medical teaching and research hospitals to work on this problem.

* Using all V.A. facilities to most effectively treat any Coronavirus outbreak among veterans, and to research and treat any problems particular to veterans regarding Coronavirus.

* All of the above in combination.

* Although the drugs and anti-viruses can be shared outside the United States, the methods of developing should be considered classified, and a national security methodology, given the potential that this form of Coronavirus is man made, and a bioweapon.

Congress shall appropriate sufficient funds, offer appropriate grants, and create tax incentives for private industry, to carry out this mission.

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