The College Home Ownership Program from Student Loan Debt Act.

Because of the high debt of college and politicians lying about free college, and because banks would never allow free college, I propose a college home ownership program were college grads can roll their debt into owning a home. Based on a bid for the home and congress allowing the debt ratio to help college grads get approved, I believe college grads can get into home ownership that will help them be more productive in the economy. If enabled maybe as a one time application then when some one sells into a larger home then college debt will be paid off. In order to get into law and passed by congress then I am also open to any geniuses in Washington to co-sponsor and implement help for college grads. Possibly also that may be added to the program can also be help for college grads into small business, beside using it for home ownership. All in all the decline in millienials owning homes because of high debt and debt ratio is not good enough, because not only do they work hard they could use some help from congress. Thank you, AL Deno


  1. Mazin Karadshiu says:

    No, I’m against this Bill, we need to control the cost of Tuition, and stop paying high wages to the admimstratioin!

  2. AL Deno says:

    We should remember that the Congress and Senate should serve the people that they are elected to do! The burden of high debt and the younger generation not being able to get into home ownership isn’t the answer. Banks will never allow free college, but there can be ways of taking the burden off the college grads by making a better path for financial success. Government can act to make it better not worse then they have been doing. We as Americans can and should work together to make it better for future generations. The impact of the college grads can be greater in the economy!!

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