Constitutional and Economic Guidelines for the Government during any Disease Crisis.

Government, at all levels, have taken it upon themselves to issue recommendations, executive orders, and a host of non-legislative actions which were never debated outside the issuing agency, department, or executive office or officeholder.  All of these entities are operating under the mistaken belief that they can oppress or abridge any Constitutional or individual right if it “is in the public interest,” or “if it is for safety.”  Neither safety nor public interest are justification, rationale, or in any way acceptable for touching any right.  The judicial idea of proving some “compelling government interest” is also invalid because government entities can’t give themselves the power to overrule or limit in any way the Constitution or constitutional rights. Government, at all levels, has one duty and purpose only, and that is to protect individual rights and property. Government does this through operating only within their delegated powers.

Since this requirement, duty and purpose for all government operations, has been so thoroughly trashed with the issuance of guidelines, recommendations, rules, orders, and other edicts, with the coronavirus as the pretense, which include prohibitions on the right of assembly, the free exercise of religion, the right to own and carry firearms, the ability to engage in commerce, the right to public land and water such as beaches, parks, oceans and lakes, and to exercise rights of due process, reasonable search and seizure, right not to self incriminate, and a host of other Constitutional violations, all in “the public interest,” or for “public safety,” this guideline from the people to the government has become necessary.

First Principle of any Crisis:

If “police powers” superseded “rights” there would be no “due process, search and seizure, and the presumption of innocence!” This is why all actions of the government end, where constitutional rights begin.

Guidelines for the Government in solving the Corona Crisis, while not violating the Constitution, nor destroying the economy.

First guideline:

* Only the “public” can determine what is in the “public interest.”

Second guideline:

* All government “stimulus” spending, has to come from SPENDING CUTS!!!   

All spending under a Coronavirus Stimulus has to be limited to only to the Coronavirus Crisis.  

Third Guideline:

* The National Institute for Health is a grant writing and funding agency. Do only that!

Fourth Guideline:

* No agency or department of gov’t shall use Corona Flu to usurp more power and authority!

This specifically refers to the Department of Justice, and all the Governors issuing illegal orders.

Fifth Guideline:

* A study needs to determine if we haven’t been exposed to Corona Flu since October, and gotten over it already.

Anecdotal evidence from my own surveys indicates a huge amount of people across the country had a strange flu or cold with a really bad cough.  We want to know if this was in fact the Coronavirus months before the government announced it.

Sixth Guideline:

* Pass the Action Radio “Illegal Alien Civil Asset Forfeiture Act” and return that money to Americans as restitution for illegal aliens being here, and to jumpstart the economy.  Here is the link:

Seventh Guideline:

* Pass our Action Radio resolution directing Congress to kill the Corona Virus, not our country.  Here is the link:

Eighth Guideline:

* Pass our Action Radio bill ending withholding for the first $12,000 of income so people keep money that was never going to be taxed anyway.  Here is the link:

Ninth Guideline: 

* Illegal Aliens can get tested for Covid 19, but of course they have to be deported as soon as possible.

All of these guidelines were discussed in detail during the last 45 minutes of Action Radio on 3/23/20.  The general principles of freedom were talked about throughout the show.  For a detailed discussion and rationale for each of the nine guidelines above, please listen to this podcast.  Follow the show notes to the section you want to review.

Here is the link:

A detailed discussion of all the violations of the Constitution by government took place on the Thursday Action Radio show on 3/19/20.  Please check the second hour for that discussion.  Here is the link:–china-liability-lawsuit-martial-law-lockdown

More detailed explanations of each guideline can be supplied if requested. Action Radio Show Links can be copied and pasted directly on to web pages and the podcasts will appear after clicking on the link.

This is the first piece of Action Radio Citizen Legislation that ties in other Action Radio bills, two Action Radio shows to explain the bill, and postings on social media before the show to get public comment before writing this bill on the air.

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