Home Defense and Hearing Protection Act

Title: Home Defense and Hearing Protection Act

Summary: Bill removing silencers/suppressors from the NFA (National Firearms Act of 1934) list of regulated items. Additionally, all records and registries of prior silencer/suppressor owners must be destroyed. Finally, all owners of silencers/suppressors who paid $200 for the ATF tax stamp must be refunded their $200 plus the amount lost to inflation (assumed to be 3% compounding, year over year).

Rationale: The Department of Justice and Congress of 1934 included silencers/suppressors in the list of NFA regulated items without justification. Since then, there are well over 2 million suppressors in circulation yet there is only a 0.003% conviction rate on alleged crimes involving suppressors (with even a smaller proportion being crimes of violence).

Bill Text:

1. Let it be made into law, effective immediately, that silencers/suppressors are to be removed from the NFA list of regulated items.
2. That all persons whom paid $200 tax stamps to the ATF shall be refunded in the amount of $200 plus any amount accounting for inflation at 3% per year, compounding, for the amount of time that has passed since their original payment. This refund must be completed within 365 days of the bill passing.
3. That after all persons have been refunded their monies, all records and registries pertaining to the owners of suppressors shall be destroyed. The destruction of records and registries must occur within 60 days of all refunds being issued.

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