The Gun Owner Civil Rights Protection Bill of 2020.

Text of the Act:
The Civil Rights Act shall be amended in all cases where the protected classes are listed, with the addition of a new protected class: Gun Owners.

Recognizing the myriad ways that governments at all levels, from individual law enforcement officers, to Governors, State Legislatures, Congress, the Supreme Court, and Presidents, continue to violate the Second Amendment prohibition of any government entity or individual even encroaching in any way on the absolute right of all Americans to own and carry firearms (keep and bear arms), this added category to the Civil Rights Act is now required.

The People, as outlined by the Constitution, are without effective legal recourse, restitution, pain and suffering, redress of Red Flag laws, means to restore laws compliant with the Second Amendment, the means to advocate and resolve any complaint, and the means to bring effective lawsuits against government in a way that redresses their grievances, it is necessary to secure not only a free state, as stated in the Second Amendment, by a well armed citizenry, but the right of the people to keep and bear arms without being touched or encroached on by government so that “free state” for all Americans can be maintained.

The Constitution offers no penalties for violations of its Supreme Law, and so government feels free to violate our Supreme Law every day. However, if the individuals, departments, agencies, elective bodies, and anyone who in any way from a position of government power encroaches on the right of any American to own and carry a firearm of their choice and as they choose, then Americans so violated by any government individual or entity shall have the full weight of the Civil Rights Laws, and every Civil Rights agency, department, or government entity, shall prosecute to the fullest extent, any violation of the rights of any American whose Second Amendment rights have been violated.

Such penalties shall include fines and imprisonment as stated in the Civil Rights Act.
Title 42 USC contains the Civil Rights Statutes
Title 18 USC Section 241 and 242 has fines and penalties against any conspiracy of two or more persons to oppress the “exercise and enjoyment” of any constitutional right.
These will be worked into the bill.

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