The Florida Voter Registration Information Security Act.

Part I:


Regarding the information you give to your County Supervisor of Elections in order to register to vote, this paragraph comes to us from the Florida Division of Elections:

“Voter Information as a Public Record:

Once filed, with few exceptions, all voter registration information is public record including your name, address, date of birth, party affiliation, phone number and email address. Your social security number, your driver’s license number or state identification card number, and the source of your voter registration application CANNOT be released or disclosed to the public under any circumstances, and can only be used for voter registration purposes. Your signature can be viewed, but not copied. Section 97.0585, Fla. Stat.”

This is a completely intolerable invasion of privacy and private information that is not only a violation of our Fourth Amendment rights to be secure in our “persons, houses, papers, and effects,” it is a violation of our personal safety, subjecting every individual in the State of Florida to crimes from identity theft to stalking and murder, by giving all citizens worldwide, direct and unrestricted internet access to our most personal identifying information. This includes from the paragraph above, our “name, address, date of birth, party affiliation, phone number and email address.”

How dare the State of Florida release this information! If this were a credit card company or other private company, this would be called a data breach of personal information, and the company who released or allowed the information to be released would be subject to massive lawsuits.

To make matters worse, the State of Florida realizes the dangers of releasing such personal identifying information, and thus prohibits the release of such information for certain government and law enforcement officials.

The lives and property of certain government and law enforcement officials, and their families, are NOT more important than the lives and families of ANY citizen of the State of Florida. Therefore, to redress this most severe grievance in law, the following changes to Florida Public Law, Chapter 97 

This Act amends Section (c) of Public Law 97.0585.

Here is the current law:

97.0585 Public records exemption; information regarding voters and voter registration; confidentiality.—
(1) The following information held by an agency, as defined in s. 119.011, and obtained for the purpose of voter registration is confidential and exempt from s. 119.07(1) and s. 24(a), Art. I of the State Constitution and may be used only for purposes of voter registration:
(a) All declinations to register to vote made pursuant to ss. 97.057 and 97.058.
(b) Information relating to the place where a person registered to vote or where a person updated a voter registration.

This is the section to be changed.

(c) The social security number, driver license number, and Florida identification number of a voter registration applicant or voter.

Here is the new Section (c):

Florida Public Law 97.0505 Public records exemption; information regarding voters and voter registration; confidentiality.— Section (c), is hereby amended with the following text.

(c) The social security number, driver license number, Florida identification number of a voter registration applicant or voter, — (new protections) — signatures – which can not be viewed, passport numbers, birth certificate numbers and information, any other personal identification numbers, photo I.D. pictures, references to birthdays or age, phone numbers – land line and wireless, addresses of all residences and businesses, email addresses, social media contact information, party affiliation, and marital status.

(1) All of the same exemptions of information in this section apply to immediate family members.

(2) The same information withheld for any government official or law enforcement officer shall be withheld for every citizen.

Part II:


One of the major sources of election vote fraud are the voter registrations themselves. People move to other counties and other states, and people move here from other states. They are able to maintain more than one registration, and get more than one vote per election. This is particularly problematical with mail-in voting. People also die yet remain on the registration rolls for years, allowing for ballot harvesting, and other people using that registration to vote illegally. It would be prohibitively burdensome to try to investigate and fix every faulty registration, therefore, it is proposed that ALL registrations expire at the end of the year, and people register, or re-register every year, for the most accurate voting records.

Florida Public Law 97.### Expiration of all voter registrations, records and databases;

(1) All voter registrations within the State of Florida shall expire at midnight, December 31, every year. All voter registrations, records, hard copies, databases, any recording of voter information in any form, shall be deleted, expunged, destroyed, and removed from any access by anyone or anything, no exceptions. Voters are free to create a new and original voter registration January 2 of the new year, which shall be kept in strictest confidence. See PL 97.0585 as modified by this Act.

(2) Counties may elect to purge their entire voting records in any form upon passage of this Act in order to start fresh.

Part III:


It is presumed once this bill becomes public, that legions of criminals, political parties, and other entities, will seek to download as much voter registration information as possible while this information remains public. To counter some of the negative effects of this personal information being public at all, this law to enhance the penalty for misusing voter registration information to help enable or facilitate any crime, is being added to this Act.

Florida Public Law 97.%%% Sentence enhancement for using voter registration database information to aid in the commission of any crime;

(1) The legal penalty upon conviction of any crime against any citizen of the State of Florida, that can be traced back to information gained, all or in part, from personal information as part of voter registration records, the fines and jail terms shall be doubled.


  1. Greg Penglis ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I appreciate your comments, Cheryl. I think though that the same accommodations that allow people to register cars every year, renew driver’s licenses and other licenses can be made for revewing the voter registration every year. I would consider every other year also, being the even years which have a Presidential race or Mid-term race. How much the information is used in crimes doesn’t matter because it’s personal information and serves no public purpose to be released. We don’t let private companies release that information. Why should we let our government?


    I have mixed feelings about the publication of a person’s address, phone #, and party affiliation. How vulnerable does this information make people? I just Googled my name. Anyone can access my address and other information for $10. Currently both political parties use voter registration lists to contact their voters and encourage them to vote. Since our state legislators are well aware of this, I do not think they will support this change. I do understand the concern for privacy. The question becomes, to what extent has voter registration information been used in identify theft and other crimes? The members of the legislature will ask this before making any commitment to change. With respect to requriing people to register to vote on an annual basis, I am opposed. The requirement falls unevenly on those who work one and two jobs to make ends meet. Retirees and people of means have the time to complete this function. We have adequate methods in place to prevent voter fraud without requiring people to register to vote on an annual basis.

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