Election ballot changes for Federal Elections

Election Ballot Changes:

The 2020 Presidential election has surfaced much evidence which raised many concerns with millions of United States Citizens as to whether they did or not participate in a free, fair, transparent and legal election when they cast their precious vote. We find there is need for this Statute to be created to stipulate rules and guidelines to be followed to cast away any doubts on the concerns on future United States Federal Elections.

Federal elections should have a different ballot than the rest of the State as in color and physical appearance. They, Federal Elections, should have their own peculiar rules and guidelines. If there is a line of people outside the polling place to vote, at the cut off time, a sign should be placed behind the last person in line letting people arriving after the cutoff time to know voting is closed. If it is possible, herd people inside the polling place and lock the door preventing any late arrivals from entering.

Absentee ballot seekers should possess a federal government vetted pictured numbered ID and their signature must appear on the ballot for cross checking. The id should be labeled as “Good for US Federal Elections only in the _____ District and State of_____” The same legal signature and ID number should be on the envelop and on the ballot of a mail in ballot and it must be taken to a post office where it will be verified and date stamped upon receipt.

All State and Federal restrictions to voting should still apply. There should be a time limit for any mail-in ballot arriving at the polling station. Any ballot that was not dated within the time frame will be marked void and made available for fraud detection procedures. There shall be “No voting over the internet” for Federal Elections.

Ballot counters and monitors shall consist of professional bonded, sworn persons who are nonresidents of a district. For Federal Elections no electronic digital machines tied to the internet by Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection shall be used. No foreign software will be used in any fashion to tabulate Federal vote counts. Several of these professionals shall be deployed to sign off on and for reporting a Federal Vote Count. No foreign components will be deployed in the process.

Voter Id shall, for those seeking to participate in Federal Elections, possess a federal government vetted pictured numbered ID. Such as the CardLogix Biometric Identity Verification models as that incorporated with US issued Passports and pass Cards.  Voter’s Biometric Information must appear on the ballot and it’s envelope for cross checking. The id should be labeled as “Good for US Federal Elections only in the _____ District and State of_____” The same Biometric Information should be on the envelop to match it to the enclosed ballot of a mail in ballot. It must be taken to a post office where it will be verified and date stamped upon receipt.

Ballots should be tallied before placing in a box or container. The voter should be given a numbered receipt. Upon removing ballots they should once again tallied to make sure of no illegal entry or removals of ballots. Before a ballot is counted its voter identifier number should be recorded and entered checking for a previous entry match.

People who are not US Citizens shall not be counted towards a US Census count.  This applies to all legal Immigrants. Legal Immigrants and Illegal Aliens in any household or dwelling shall not be counted toward proportionate representation for Congressional seats in any State.

Fines, Levies, Penalties, and punishments shall be levied against any person found who willfully violate these rules and laws or anyone who assists a person(s) in violating or circumventing these rule and laws through consultation or publications.

Upon conviction anyone found to have been in violation shall face fines, penalties, asset forfeitures and imprisonment. All legal means to collect will be pursued.

This is just a beginning, more to come.

By Pianki.
December 3rd 2020


  1. Pianki says:

    If I am not mistaken Nancy, States are paid to hold federal Elections. Just as School Districts were paid to fly the American flag on it’s grounds. Congress would create a budget so the burden is not thrown onto the States as an unfunded mandate.

  2. Nancy Sampson says:

    Love this!!! I worked at the polls for early voting and election day. In Santa Rosa County Florida we have a poll worker designated as Deputy who verifies the close of polls and who was in line before polls closed each day. Where would you suggest the funding come from to implement the changes you are proposing. Although your proposed changes have merit, I think the cost to fund these changes may be an additional issue. I would like to see video cameras at all polling locations. As far as the census- what a mess. I worked for the census in 2010 and 2020. The information about who is counted is only part of the problem. In my opinion, many of the individuals hired are incompetent at best. In 2020 workers were tracked by the IPHONE that they used to input information. The phones had many technical issues as did the online training that we were given. The whole system was top heavy with supervisors that knew less about getting accurate census information than the field workers (enumerators)

  3. Pianki says:

    To need added:

    Article I, Section 4, Clause 1:

    The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators.

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