The Santa Rosa County, Florida, “Illegal Alien Free Zone” Act of 2021.


Illegal aliens present a dangerous, costly and completely preventible criminal, financial, employment and other burdens upon the lawful citizens and legal immigrants of Santa Rosa County, Florida.  As illegal aliens are criminals simply by being in the country illegally, and therefore our county illegally, all that need be established to asses civil asset forfeiture penalties is to verify their non-citizen status.  Anyone not a US citizen, permanent resident, on temporary visa status, or a legal tourist, is unlawfully in the country.  Citizenship is public information, declared every time one registers to vote, enters or leaves the US, and many other necessary declarations.  Citizenship is routinely checked and declared at the county level.    

The massive influx of illegal aliens crossing our now non-existent Southern Border, most of whom are heading for Florida, and aided by our own Federal Government and various NGO’s, creates a real emergency for Florida.  Therefore, to protect our State, and our County, Santa Rosa County shall be declared an “Illegal Alien Free Zone.”  Signs to this effect shall be posted at main road entrances to the County.  This ordinance shall be enforced County wide.  It is our sincere hope that every County in Florida, and Counties across the US, will use this legislation as a model to make their jurisdiction free of illegal aliens.

Verification of Citizenship:

Through voter registration, driver’s license, and E-Verify, well established citizenship criteria have been established for the State of Florida. The County should adopt those provisions that specifically prove citizenship beyond doubt, with two or more forms of I.D. possibly being necessary, and shall not limit qualification merely to legal work status.


Citizenship shall be checked at every interaction with Santa Rosa County Government, including but not limited to: voter registration, vehicle registration and driver’s license renewal, and business license application and renewal; health inspections, safety inspections, or any other county inspections; the parents of all public school registrations; property tax and all other county payments; plus any interaction with Santa Rosa County Sheriffs Office including traffic stops, mandatory check ins, sexual offender registration, etc.  Traffic and other law enforcement interactions can be recorded with a time limit after the interaction to produce valid proof of citizenship.


Upon establishing status as an illegal alien, multiple illegal aliens, families or groups, all such adult persons shall be subject to immediate and full civil asset forfeiture.  This shall include but not be limited to: all property, houses and commercial real estate, vehicles, businesses, where possible bank accounts, credit accounts, and all such financial assets and accounts, and any other asset within and subject to County jurisdiction.

Any citizen, or person lawfully in the country, any group or organization, any non-government organization, or any other entity, within the county, who in any way gives aid, comfort, money or assets, housing or residence, jobs or job assistance, education or training assistance, transportation, relocation services, any taxpayer benefit or welfare access, or any other form of aid — their property and assets shall be subject to exactly the same civil asset forfeiture as the illegal aliens they are an accessory for aiding.  This is regardless of federal aid and promotion of illegal aliens through the State Department or other government entities, because all such laws, funding, and programs, are in fact themselves criminal for aiding and abetting illegal entry and settlement, and as such are unconstitutional and unenforceable in the States and Counties of the United States.

Disbursement of Funds from Assets seized:

All funds resulting from the sale and disposal of all seized assets shall be apportioned in a yearly disbursement to all US taxpaying citizens and lawful taxpaying permanent residents of Santa Rosa County, Florida.  No seized asset or proceeds shall be retained or used by any government entity of Santa Rosa County.

Holding an ITIN number is usually an indication of an illegal alien, illegally filing a tax return, usually for child and other tax credits available while not declaring any income.  No resident with an ITIN number shall be eligible for this disbursement unless proven to be a citizen or lawful permanent resident.  The Social Security Number or Drivers License, together or by themselves, especially if from other States, shall not constitute proof of citizenship or lawful residence for the purpose of disbursement.  If found to be an illegal alien using any of these I.D.’s, full asset forfeiture shall commence immediately.


All assets as mentioned above shall be seized from any adult illegal aliens if their children, or grandchildren, are found to be in any Santa Rosa County School.  Citizenship of all student’s registering parents, grandparents, or guardians, responsible for the students, shall be verified during school registration.  

The County shall, in enforcing this ordinance, challenge the incorrect assumptions resulting from the illegal and intellectually impossible decision by the Supreme Court in Plyler v Doe, in which a legitimate Texas law to withhold funds for the education of illegal aliens was overturned, and a Supreme Court legislative remedy was unconstitutionally incorporated into the Supreme Court opinion of the majority. Because of this, school officials in Santa Rosa County have admitted in public their mistaken belief that they can’t ask the citizenship of children bound for public schools.  With this ordinance they never have to ask that question of the students, only their parents, grandparents, other family members, or guardians, which of course they can ask of anyone responsible for the students.  It is the assets of those adults that is subject to seizure.  Minor children are not part of this ordinance.

This case was incorrectly decided by five members of the Supreme Court, and can be ignored for the Court’s lack of constitutional authority to make laws or regulations.  That Supreme Court case is therefore of no consequence to this Ordinance before the Santa Rosa Board of County Commissioners.  The reasons for this being an impossible opinion of the Supreme Court are:

1) Illegal aliens cannot be in our country, therefore they have no rights in our country, because you can’t have rights in a place you are not allowed to be in. 

2) The Supreme Court cannot compel any individual, family, or government entity, to fund an illegal operation or population within the government schools.

3) Illegal aliens have no immigration or any status in this country because they are not immigrants.  One must apply and be invited into the US legally to be considered an immigrant, and must also have an ID declaring their permanent resident status, known as a “Green Card.”

4) Any funds mandated for the education of illegal aliens in Santa Rosa County Schools constitutes Foreign Aid, as it goes to foreign nationals who have no citizenship jurisdiction in the US per the “subject to the jurisdiction” clause of the 14th Amendment.  Foreign Aid by law must come from an Act of Congress, and be paid by the Federal Government to foreign nations.  


The County shall begin an E-Verify check of all employers doing business within the County of Santa Rosa, including first, all employees of Santa Rosa County.  Then proceeding from largest to smallest, all government and private entities with employees shall have their E-Verify records inspected.  Companies found in violation of State E-Verify law, shall have their businesses seized.  County officers, supervisors and managers, found to be in violation of State E-Verify law, shall be subject to personal asset forfeiture.  


This Bill shall be incorporated into the Santa Rosa County Ordinances as Law, and shall under no circumstances be reduced to a Resolution.


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