Child and family safety first act law

Mandatory drug test for child protective services workers weekly urine and blood work monthly they must pass a federal and state background check to be employed as well as pass a psychological evaluation and have references like you need for government jobs like the army FBI etc they need to have a college education in early childhood development and social worker degree in addition every worker must complete training must have 60 hours after college before applying must have credentials must be recorded and monitored body cams while on the clock all times when engaging with children transportation medical appointments court rooms supervised visits home visits etc must require biweekly home inspections of foster care homes and they must be required to be monitored in common areas in homes when children are being fostered period also same requirements for foster parents as child services and organizations like a second chance kindship all social services and child advocacy organizations must follow rules and child abuse hotlines must be monitored and report to a safe registry which is reviewed and filed with local attorney generals to assure the safety first and we need to have a organization file and check them all constantly to assure everything is proper and protection laws are safely assured to prevent perjury in court from case workers and failing to protect children everyone has a board of health to inspect restaurants well this will be the board of family safety act which I intend to created covering all of the United States in memory of Nancy the Georgia senate who wants to stop the child protective services criminality and abusing their authority with no recourse make them legally accountable for their actions and make strict contracts if broken will be on a child abuse registry with photos and banded from working with kids period ever

***  Got a lot of good ideas here.  But we want to turn it into a bill.  So you need to identify where you want to send it?  Which legislature?  I’m guessing your State Legislature.  You need to group ideas into subjects.  You need to think about whether you are going to add, delete, or amend current law.  So the first thing to do is organize your bill into subjects, and find where in your State we are going to put this.  Then I’ll schedule you some time on the air to work on this.  Please post your changes in the Comments section so we have a legislative record of the bill as it develops.  Thank you for your post.

Greg Penglis

Creator and Host of Action Radio

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