Noah’s Law

If a person is 75 years of age or more and they are the cause of a traffic accident that results in serious injury or death they should no longer have driving privileges.

Our daughter was in an accident that was caused by an 82 year old man. Five people in her vehicle were injured while the old man walked away unharmed. Our 7 year old grandson lost his life 9 days and 5 surgeries later.

The old man had been the cause of at least 2 other vehicle accidents in less than 6 months prior to the accident with my daughter and her family. He was out and driving a second vehicle he owns the very next day while the 5 people he injured were still in the hospital.

His expense due to the accident was the loss of one of his vehicles and $166 traffic violation plus court cost totaling just over $200. He had a max insurance policy of $10,000 which did not even cover the loss of my daughters car much less any of the medical expenses. My daughters loss her car, her insurance (because they had to pay out), her self confidence as she could not protect her children and her entire sense of being because she lost her child.

The courts subpoenaed her to attend the traffic violation hearing for the other driver just so she could sit there, quietly, while the man who changed her entire life was given a fine of $166 plus court costs with 30 days in which to pay. He knew he was unfit to drive. His family knew he was unfit to drive as they had taken most of his possessions out of his name and put it into their names. Don’t know if this was done prior to any accidents or after one of his prior at fault accidents.

***  I’m going to publish this bill because the idea is good, and because you didn’t mention names.  Although if this is public, then you can.  What we need to do is turn this into a bill that we can submit to various State Legislatures, because driving and drivers licenses are a State issue.  I have long felt that progressively closer driving tests as one ages are completely appropriate.  Base line at 60, then 65 and 70.  Once over 70 tests should be every two years, and then over 80 every year.  Tests would be the same as for the initial drivers license test including a written exam of the laws, and a practical driving test.  People are reluctant to take the keys from an elderly family member, and of course no one wants to think they can’t drive anymore.

The next thing is to check the insurance laws and find out about a graduated scale with increasing liability insurance required with age.  That already happens at the other end.  Young, teenage men are the most expensive to insure, and costs drop as they mature.  Same thing can happen where greater liability is required to cover progressively older drivers.  Perhaps there can be discounts for doing well on the drivers test.

Take a look at the vehicle code in your state and see where such a law as this will go.  Failing that, let’s schedule you some time and let’s go over it on the show.

Thank you for your submission,

Greg Penglis

Creator and Host of Action Radio!

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