Action Radio is the synergy of radio broadcast technology, the internet, the radio audience, articles, podcasts, news videos, social media, expert guests, state and federal legislators, the governors, and even the President, in an entirely new way to make our laws. The citizens, that’s you and me, write the bills, online, and on the air, for submission to the various legislators and legislative bodies. We track and lobby the bills that are in process with as large an audience as we can build around them. We try and build a consensus over bills that are not as popular and see if they are worth supporting and keeping.

There are no guarantees. We can not write a bill and demand that it be accepted and passed. That is why we have legislators. Everything we do follows normal, constitutional government. What we can do is be a source of laws different than the usual powerful corporations, special interests, rich individuals, and way out there activist groups. They all have a vested interest in the outcome, which is why it's called "special interest." Whereas a citizen bill is written for the "general welfare," where it benefits everyone equally. All our bills concern increasing your freedom and rights from government usurpation, and increasing your ability to pursue your happiness.

“We the People, Give Our Consent to be Governed, Through Writing the Laws by Which We are Governed.” Is this from the Founding Fathers? Sounds like it. No, it’s the guiding principle, and the mission of Action Radio. As far as we know, this is the world's first experiment in populist legislation, where people, regular people, will actually be crafting the laws that we consent to live under, and where those bills can be presented, discussed, argued, submitted, and amended, all on a worldwide, internet radio broadcast.

If you want to take part in a historic new adventure in our Constitutional Republic, and actually write the laws you consent to live under, then you need to join us at Action Radio. It starts with Propose a New Law under Legislation in the Menu Bar. This is where you may propose any bill for posting. You can add language to an existing law, take language away from an existing law, you can add an entirely new law, or you can remove an entire law. This goes for government departments as well. Any legislation for any department, local, county, state, or federal, is fair game.

I will be editing and publishing the bills on the website. You can then comment underneath the bills. If you have a good addition, correction, or deletion, I will make that change in the bill. When the bill is ready for submission to Congress, State Legislatures or local government, it goes to All Proposed Laws, and then anyone can share it anywhere. You can share bills in Citizen Bill Ideas too, but those generally need more work. Should a bill pass and be signed into law, they will go into a new section on the site for passed bills.

Your input is critical to make this work. The more everyone puts into this, the greater will be our impact.