Welcome to the worlds most original citizen legislative website!

Here is the one place where you can: write, comment, share, submit, advocate, lobby, and track, the legislation YOU consent to be governed by!

It all starts with my show, “Action Radio” (click here to listen to podcasts of our broadcasts)! From news stories, our special investigations, inspired ideas, or anywhere really, Action Radio is where much of our citizen legislation begins. Then it is worked on, and when ready is submitted to the appropriate legislature, from city councils to Congress.

If you have a great idea, call us! It might just end up as a bill on the President’s desk!

Thank you.

Greg Penglis
Creator, Host and CEO of Action Radio!

How to use this site to write a bill:

  • Go to “Legislation” on the menu bar.
  • Click on “Propose a New Law.”
  • Fill in your name. The bill will then be in your name.
  • Fill in your email. That will not be made public.
  • Write in the title of your bill in Post Title.
  • Select “Citizen Bill Ideas” in Post Category.
  • Write in the text of your bill in Post Content. This could be as short as a simple sentence with an idea, or as complicated as you want.
  • Do the Verification.
  • Click Submit Post to send in your bill.
  • I will take a look at your bill, and if it is something we can work with, I’ll post it to the site.

Remember please: Our bills are single subject and must increase everyone’s freedom.

If you would like a basic format for your bill, try this:

  • In Post Title: Write one that accurately describes the bill.
  • In Post Content, follow the form below in writing your text:
  • Rationale: Why is this bill necessary?
  • Old law: This is the Federal, State or Local law, ordinance or regulation you want to add, delete, or amend.
  • New law: This is your proposed text which you want in place of the text in law that currently exists.

That’s it! Call the show and let’s give you a bill workshop with our callers to improve and focus your bill. You are also welcome to comment on anyone else’s bills. That’s how we do it!