What is Action Radio?
Action Radio is the next evolution beyond Talk Radio.  It is a completely interactive and interconnected system of listeners, expert guests, research, social media, the callers, a bill writing website, submitting bills to legislators at every level of government, lobbying and advocating our bills, and talking about it all back on the show.
What is Your Governing Principle?
“We the people, give our consent to be governed, through writing the laws by which we are governed — and have the power through juries, to nullify the laws by which we do not consent to be governed.”   
What is your mission?
We offer legislative solutions to cure the problems we talk about on Action Radio, in the form of Citizen Bills that can be immediately submitted to Congress, the President, the State Legislatures, local governments, and media from local to worldwide.
WriteYourLaws.com is the worlds first legislative bill writing site attached to a radio show.  It is for you to try your hand at writing bills.  These bills are post for comments and evaluation.  We talk about them on the show.  If they are good enough and ready for submission, we send bills to the appropriate legislature, which could be Congress if federal law, State Legislatures if state law, and city councils, county commissions, and school boards if local law.
Can I write a bill?
Sure, anyone can.  If your bill is good enough it may end up on the President’s desk for signature.  Legislators hardly write their own bills anymore.  Truth is they hardly ever read them.  Especially those 5,000 page BS omni-spending bills.  Those bills, and most legislation, are now written by special interests, rich individuals, lobbyists, wealthy corporations, extremist groups, and others with a vested interest in laws benefiting them.  With citizen legislation we hope to change that so that “We the People” send bills we consent to be governed by, to the appropriate legislature, and work to have them passed, rather than waiting for the government to hand down laws to us written by special interests.
Ok so how do I write a bill?
Go to “Legislation” on the Menu Bar.  Click on the first item under it, “Propose a New Law.”  Instructions are there but it’s pretty easy.  Your name, Your email (not published), the title of your bill in “Post Title,” select your only choice “Citizen Bill Ideas,” and write your bill.  Verify you aren’t a robot, and then submit your bill.
How do I know what to write?
This is where it gets more complicated.  We have a basic format which talks first about an introduction, where you write why your bill is needed.  Then you post the current law so people see what’s there before it’s deleted, added to, amended, or a whole new section of law is being added.  Then you post your ideas, additions, deletions, and amendments to the law for your bill.  The best thing to do is look at examples of other citizen bills to get an idea of a format you might want to use.  The best thing though is to call the show and ask for help writing a bill.  Or you can write me and I’ll schedule you some time on the show.
But, don’t you have to be a lawyer to write laws and bills?
Actually, no.  There are no legal requirements you need in order to write a bill.  You should see what members of Congress who are lawyers write.  It’s embarrassing.  However, if your bill is good enough for submission to a legislature, you can bet lots of lawyers will go over it.  There are lawyers on the committee staff, lawyers who are members of the legislature, lawyers for the corporations or special interests whose illegal or unjustified power you are trying to take away, or their special subsidies or protected markets, or bloated contracts, especially government unions, or for whichever person, group or company you are trying to take back tax money that shouldn’t be spent.  Trust me, tons of lawyers are going to go over our bills that make it into a legislature, and into the national debate.
What happens after I write a bill?
All bills start in Citizen Bill Ideas.  The best of them we talk about on the show, so I’ll invite you on the show when we talk about your bill.  When it’s ready for submission, it goes to All Proposed Laws.  If our bill is accepted by a legislature, like Congress, then we start to track It.  Where it is in the process will go right on the bill.  We will organize around the bill and try to get media reports, talk show support, commentary on the show from legislators handling the bill, and we will encourage as many people as possible to write emails, letters, make phone calls, and do anything they can to share the bill and get others involved in lobbying the bill.  We aren’t the central control for our legislation, it’s really up to you how much, and how many, bills you want to advocate once our bills are published.
What if people write obscene bills, bills advocating crimes, or bills that benefit them or their group at the expense of others?
No special interest bills, obscene bills, or bills advocating crimes will ever be posted on WriteYourLaws.com.  I don’t mind controversy, and I do post bills I disagree with.  But no bill gets on our site that isn’t creating more freedom for We the People, and for All the People!  No special interest legislation gets on our site.